March, 2008

Previous news items...


My first News Item is to announce the opening of LARGECOW.COM - welcome to the site! I hope you find things here to interest and amuse, and maybe to purchase.

I'll be adding News items and announcements when I have things to announce, but this isn't going to be a blog. You won't have to put up with my rambling opinions about the state of the world and comics. The Gallery section will be added to from time to time - I have plans for new sections, but I'm not going to put everything up at once. Similarly, the Shop stock will be replenished as items are sold. So, keep coming back to LARGECOW.COM and check out what's new. If you have ideas for things you'd like to see here, drop me a line - the contact link is in the menu to the left. I'd love to hear from you.

Welcome to LARGECOW.COM - Y'aawll set a spell!