July, 2008

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A First Day Cover of postage stamps celebrating Air Shows, illustrated by me, is available from July 17th.

First Day Covers - special postal mountings of new stamp designs - published in limited editions with unique franking stamps, are colourful and interesting jobs for an illustrator.  They are highly prized by philatelists, and I am proud to have been commissioned to do a design for a First Day Cover celebrating Air Shows.

The Cover is conceived and published by Phil Stamp Covers.  I got the chance to draw old aeroplanes, one of my passions, and the colour was added by Steve Oliver, who runs Phil Stamp.  Steve is the cousin of the late and great cartoonist, J. Edward Oliver, and indeed, Phil Stamp Covers was initially founded on JEO's cartoons.

The Air Shows cover is available from July 17th until they sell out, from Phil Stamp at philstampcovers.co.uk or phone +44 (0) 1322 278674. They cost £18-00, or £24-50 for a limited number signed by the artist (that's me!), but hey! cost is no object if you're a collector!