Hysterical crowds greeted the appearance onstage of The Hound Dogs at the launch party for the Birmingham International Comics Show on October 3rd.

Well, that's not strictly true, but the band did play a great set at a great party.
It seems that nobody took any photographs, so I had to draw this cartoon.

The Hound Dogs are:
Rosie-Fingered Dawn Tibbetts-bass; Hunt the C-c-c-cartoonist-guitar and vocals;
Rockin' Ron Collins-drums and vocals; and The Mighty Dermot Walker-lead guitar and vocals.

For the record, our eclectic set list was:

Train of Love (Johnny Cash)
(I'm A) Hog For You Baby (Screaming Lord Such)
Let's Jump The Broomstick (Brenda Lee)
His Latest Flame (Elvis Presley)
Careless Woman (Dermot Walker)
Mess Of The Blues (Elvis again)
Bring It On Home To Me (Sam Cooke)
That's All Right Momma (Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup)
I'll Never Get Over You (Johnny Kidd and the Pirates)
Slip Sliding Away (Paul Simon)
Money (That's What I Want) (The Beatles)
From A Buick 6 (Bob Dylan)
Boom Boom (John Lee Hooker)

BICS itself was a huge success, and respect is due to James, Andy and Shane for organizing the weekend.
Here's a pic of me looking sappy on Saturday at my table, trying to flog my drawings.

(Photo by the Birmingham Evening Mail photographer)


New Phil Stamp Gallery.


There's a new Largecow Gallery for the Phil Stamp Covers that I'm drawing for that company.
I'll be adding to it regularly, as I'll be doing 12 to 15 cartoons for them each year.

Tim Leatherbarrow - a Reminder.


In case you hadn't caught up with it, you should be reading Mad, Bad 'n' Inky, Tim Leatherbarrow's blog. His cartoon, above, posted recently, made me laugh out loud, and reminded me that I should remind you! Mad Bad 'n' Inky has Tim's wild, wriggling cartoons illustrating short bursts of Scouse moaning and wisdom on everything from the World Economy to (in the above case) toenail clipping. I think it's a hoot!

Largecow Shop - More Items added!


The Shop's been busy over the last month. We've been rushed off our feet! Customers have been emptying the shelves! But now we've received a truckload of drawings and pages to sell. For instance - you can buy the cute little Phonograph above for £15! Bargains? We Gottem!  Plus, there are a few books which are collectors' items

Exciting Bibliography News.


It's not often I can announce Exciting Bibliography News. Drew Reece (the guy who minds the engines of Largecow.com) has enabled me to add images to the Bibliography, so now you can see rare and obscure comics covers such as the one above for the Brazilian Edition of Casanova's Last Stand. I'm also slowly updating the Bibliography - this sort of stuff takes a long time, you know, and I should be drawing!

That's all for this time. I'm scheduled to go to Bulgaria, of all places, in early November to do some workshops with John McCrea and some Bulgarian neophyte comics artists, so I hope I'll have some interesting things to show on the next Largecow Update. Which will be before Christmas - with luck!



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