Don’t want to face that ugly fact, do you?
Neither do I, but there’s no escaping it.

I have to mention it now in order to tell you about my Hollybat Christmas Cards - exclusive hi-quality cards, each one signed. Go to the Largecow Shop to find them, and stock up early for Christmas!


The Great Birmingham International Comics Show (BICS) is fast approaching! It’s on Saturday and Sunday the 4th and 5th of October at Millenium Point in Birmingham, and all the coolest, most exciting and vibrant people in comics will be there!

And me.

I’ll have a Table in the main bear pit, so if you’re passing, say hello. But I can also reveal that the BICS Launch Party, on Friday the 3rd October, will feature my band, The Hound Dogs.


We’ll be playing from 8-15 to 9-00pm at Bennetts, on Bennetts Hill in central Birmingham. But be warned - it's a private party; you have to be a ticket holder to BICS. Go to their website to register. The banner above should link you.



Following the First Day Stamps Cover featuring Air Displays that I drew, there is now a cover for the Handing Over of the Olympic Flag, available from Phil Stamp Covers. Good news for me is that Phil Stamp have invited me to be their in-house cartoonist, producing twelve to fifteen First Day Covers a year. I’m following in the respected steps of the fine cartoonist J Edward Oliver, who developed the Phil Stamp Covers with his cousin Steve Oliver, and drew the bulk of them until his sad death. I’ll be drawing in my own style, of course, but I’ll be using JEO’s character Phil Stamp, which will be fun, and a gesture of respect to a great cartoonist. I’ll be setting up a Phil Stamp Largecow Gallery as soon as there are a few Covers to show.



I mentioned in my last News Update that I have stocks of my PussPuss comic in the Largecow Shop. Well, here is a chance to see The PussPuss Movie! It’s a 1 minute 38 seconds 3D computer animation of a PussPuss story, made in 2002 by Andy Wickett. I provided him with model drawings, and I did the voice of PussPuss and played fiddle on the backing, but Andy did the real work. We always intended following it up, but...time...


My old friend David Noon told me recently that he's having an exhibition of drawings with three other artists. The exhibition is called The October Group and will take place at Widcome Studios, Bath, October 24-31, with a private view 6-9pm Friday 24 October. David produced Moon Comix with the Arts Lab Press in the 1970s, and was one of the whackier talents of the early British underground scene. If you're in Bath, go and see his show. I can't give you any internet link to him because David is, and always was, totally hopeless with technology.


is regularly updating it’s stock; do take a look. You might see something you like.
And don't forget - comic books and original cartoons make wonderful Christmas presents!
(So slick, so subtle...Nauseating, isn't it?)

That’s all the news for now. Remember - the only Good Cow is a Large Cow.





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