I have a new publication in May. It's a comic drawn for the BBC Public Services unit, called Tips for Storytelling, and it's aimed at fathers of young children, to encourage them to tell stories to their offspring. It features a guy called Errol and his son Joe, giving tips to his mate Keith, who has reading difficulties and a daughter called Chantalle. I was given a very precise brief, from which I wrote a story and then worked in close collaboration with the BBC to edit and produce the comic. Tips for Storytelling is part of a series the BBC are publishing: other comics published so far include one by Suzy Varty (about being a young mother) and one by Kate Charlesworth (don't know the subject matter of that one).

The comic is 20 pages in full colour, and is distributed free, though I can't tell you precisely where. Try your library. I have a stock here at - see the Shop - but I will have to make a charge for them to cover my expenses. I'll sign any that you want to buy, so you can say you're paying for the autograph.


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